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About Us

Capri Sanctuary is an adult service (18-Years +), providing Residential Behavioural Health Care in partnership with our guests. Our service was born from experience, and is committed to the delivery of Evidence-Informed Treatments. Our service delivery is of the highest standard, and has a dedicated focus on eight points;

  • Partnership
  • Maintaining the integrity of the values and principles of Trauma-Informed-Care in all interactions
  • Keeping our guests at the centre of our service delivery
  • A focus on the 'Whole Person'
  • Achievement of your treatment goals
  • Your privacy
  • Your comfort
  • Improvement of your quality of life

To achieve this, we have a dedicated and committed team. Each team member is extensively trained with many years of experience in their specific discipline. We all believe that wellbeing is achievable for all and passionate in delivering a programme of success. Our primary objective is guiding you in improving your 'whole health', and promoting the life-skills allowing you to live a future that you value.

A new standard: Our facility and service is of the highest standard, from the high level of care provided through the professionalism of our team, to the superb cuisine and comfort of your bedroom. Our experience has taught us that keeping you at the centre of our service delivery provides the best outcomes and treatment experience for you. Capri Sanctuary has created a new standard of care we are proud to deliver to you.

The terms 'behavioural health' and 'mental health' are often used interchangeably. Behavioural health includes not only ways of promoting wellbeing by preventing or intervening in mental illness such as depression or anxiety, but also has as an aim preventing or intervening in substance abuse or other addictions.

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Capri Sanctuary is a premium facility, providing optimised individualised residential care. Ensuring your comfort and wellbeing are maintained, and your treatment goals are supported and met, while a guest with us.

Empowering you towards a future you value.

Our Values

Our Mission:

Creating the space to allow the formation of progressive partnerships, facilitating personal growth through learning and change.‘Envisioning and moving towards a valued future’.

Empowering you towards a valued future

“Thank you Brent and the team at Capri Sanctuary for making me feel I can have a life worth living, and providing me with the tools and resources to deal with life's problems. ” — MH (Warkworth)

“I came to Capri Sanctuary with some complex issues and my stay has changed my life! I left feeling confident in myself and happier than ever. Everything was perfect during my stay.” — DG (Hawkes Bay)

“A Wonderful experience, I wish the Sanctuary had been available to me many years ago. I'm leaving a totally different person compared to who I was when I arrived. Thank you Brent and the team. Highly recommended. ” — SG (Melbourne, Australia)