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Treatment and Care

Capri Sanctuary is dedicated, and committed to providing the highest quality Behavioural Health Care. Ensuring your comfort, safety, needs, and goals are met.  

Our approach to guest care, is supported by Our Values, understanding the importance of Partnership, and Relationship, with a focus on the 'Whole Person', always holding our guest needs at the centre of our service delivery. Our programme is informed by evidence and integrates multiple healthcare disciplines. The Capri Sanctuary Clinical Team are highly qualified and experienced, and work collaboratively to provide you with the highest quality integrated healthcare.

Holistic and Intensive

We provide a holistic and intensive approach. Through our experience we have learnt that all domains of our lives can be impacted when wellbeing is eroded through illness, and treatment directed at the 'Whole Person' provides the best outcomes. Capri Sanctuary has three residential guests at a time, with an average treatment residential stay of three-weeks. With a high staff to guest ratio, all our guests receive the focus and attention required to support the development of improved wellbeing and quality of life. The skills you will learn and practice as a guest with us, will allow you to take back control of your life, remove barriers, and begin the journey towards a valued future. Becoming the person, you want to be.

Now is the time to start a Partnership with Capri Sanctuary. Providing a new standard in Behavioural Health Care. 

The terms 'behavioural health' and 'mental health' are often used interchangeably. Behavioural health includes not only ways of promoting wellbeing by preventing or intervening in mental illness such as depression or anxiety, but also has as an aim preventing or intervening in substance abuse or other addictions.

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Testimonials “My own experience here at Capri Sanctuary was one of great personal growth. I was a wreck when I arrived with little hope for the future. I learned a lot of very good techniques for correctly dealing with the hurdles that life inevitable puts in our path, but most of all I learned about myself. I learned the importance of trusting who I am and opening myself up to people and the opportunities life has to offer. The rewards were almost instantaneous and continue daily.”

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