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Our Values

Capri Sanctuary delivers to our guests an evidence-informed Behavioural Health Treatment Programme, that is grounded in and supports our values. Moving our guests away from Addiction, Depression, Anxiety and Stress related problems, and towards a future they value.

Our values guide us in partnership, keeping our guests at the centre of our treatment delivery directed at the 'Whole Person'.

Safety - Creating an environment that promotes physical, psychological and emotional safety for all.

Authentic Partnerships - Promoting inherent value in the need to hold people at the centre of all actions.

Collaboration - Promoting inclusiveness, connection and relationship. Enhancing social inclusion and equality.

Promotion of Wellbeing - Promoting healing, prevention and early intervention.

Empowerment - Building on the strengths of individuals, families and community.

Choice - Promoting informed choices through education, and the development of individualised treatment, and recovery plans that promote opportunities for improved wellbeing and personal growth.

Trustworthiness - Commitment to the promotion of wellbeing. Respectful, clear and consistent communication throughout the organisation.

Growth - On-going development and provision of innovative evidence-informed care tailored to meet individual needs. Actively identifying and mitigating barriers that may impede or prevent personal growth.

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Capri Sanctuary Values are grounded in Trauma Informed Care. 

Working from the principle that healing happens within relationship, through the understanding of 'it's about what has happened to you, not what is wrong with you'.

Our Mission: Creating the space to allow the formation of progressive partnerships, facilitating personal growth through learning and change. ‘Envisioning and moving towards a valued future’.                                      Explore Our Facilities.

Empowering you towards a valued future

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