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Equally Well: Bridging the divide between Mental and Physical Health.

The Equally Well initiative aims to improve the Physical Health of people living with Addictions and Mental Illness, through service user education and effective collaboration with organisations across the health system.

Through our experience we have come to understand that when experiencing mental distress and/or substance related issues, disconnection is the rule rather than the exception. This does not always mean just self, social and relational disconnections, it can also mean that a disconnect occurs in the engagement from medical and physical health agencies and supports. There can be a broad spectrum of biopsychosocial reasons for this and can be very individualised. A lack of self-care when mentally unwell is generally a consequence or symptom of unwellness.

To Enhance the Physical and Medical Wellbeing of Our Guests the Capri Sanctuary Programme Comprises of the Following;

  • Comprehensive Blood Screening.
  • Providing medical management and support of medical needs while a residential guest including; wound care, on-going specialist investigations and monitoring, including vital signs and ECG.
  • Education directed at improving the health literacy (primary, secondary and tertiary) of our guests.
  • Support and education on oral hygiene and care.
  • Smoking cessation advice, NRT and support.
  • Direct referral and support to manage immediate medical and oral care needs while a residential guest.
  • Providing information on all medications (existing or new) and medication compliance support.
  • Providing behavioural support in the development of positive health behaviours;
    • Nutritional
    • Sleep hygiene practices
    • Individualised exercise plans and support
    • Yoga
    • Massage Therapy
  • Effective collaboration and communication with General Practitioners and other Health Care Providers to ensure best continuance of care and on-going support.

In the provision of best care directed at the ‘Whole Person’, Capri Sanctuary supports the 'Equally Well' initiative.

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“Thank you Brent and the team at Capri Sanctuary for making me feel I can have a life worth living, and providing me with the tools and resources to deal with life's problems. ” — MH (Warkworth)

“I came to Capri Sanctuary with some complex issues and my stay has changed my life! I left feeling confident in myself and happier than ever. Everything was perfect during my stay.” — DG (Hawkes Bay)

“A Wonderful experience, I wish the Sanctuary had been available to me many years ago. I'm leaving a totally different person compared to who I was when I arrived. Thank you Brent and the team. Highly recommended. ” — SG (Melbourne, Australia)