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The Capri Sanctuary Team

Capri Sanctuary has a professional, dedicated and committed team. Each team member is extensively trained and experienced in their specific discipline. We through our experience know that keeping you at the centre of our service delivery, gets the best outcomes for you.

Meet the Team

Each team member will play an integral role in your time as a guest with Capri Sanctuary, we meet regularly to discuss your progress and ensure your needs are met. You will meet all the team on your arrival enabling collaborative needs based assessments, including, medical, physical, psychological, nutrition and dietary, or any specific comfort needs you may have.

Brent Smith

BAlcDrg, DipHlhHB, PCertREBT

Brent Smith has extensive experience in the Addiction and Mental Health Treatment field, both in the public and private sectors as a Clinician... Read more

Dr Siale Foliaki


Dr. Foliaki is a graduate of the Otago University School of Medicine and became a Fellow of the Australian and New Zealand College of... Read more

Li Zuo

MSc (1st Hons), PGDipHealthPsych, NZPS, AHPRA

Li is a registered Health Psychologist in both New Zealand and Australia, and a graduate of the University of Auckland. She... Read more

Wayne Attenborrow

BNurs, PGcertHSc: NZNO - Personal Trainer CertPT, CertFI

Wayne is passionate about people, and for the last 17 years has been involved in the lives... Read more

Ruth Papuni

DipNurs: NZNO

Ruth is a NZ trained Registered Comprehensive Nurse who graduated from UNITEC in 1994.  She spent a number of years travelling and doing voluntary... Read more

Lynetta Cataylo

Lynetta is the Master Chef at Capri Sanctuary with over 20 years of experience. Completing her initial training in Singapore, her creative culinary style has... Read more

Tania Marinkovich

Tania found Yoga about 20 years ago when she was seeking help for chronic back pain that was all consuming and overbearing. Five-months after her introduction... Read more

Champorn Vincent

Champorn is a traditional Thai Massage Therapist offering the benefits of massage to Capri Sanctuary Guest’s weekly. Her knowledge of this ancient form of massage... Read more

Housekeeping Team

The Capri Sanctuary Housekeeping team are professional and friendly, paramount to them is that each Capri Sanctuary Guest’s comfort is ensured throughout their stay. Led... Read more

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